About MIND Research Group

MIND (Mälardalen INteraction and Didactics) research group investigates discursive and interactional practices embedded in teaching and learning activities. Our research aims to enhance the quality of teaching and teacher education by sustaining collaboration between Mälardalen University and …


We are dedicated to publishing high quality research at the intersection of pedagogy and interaction. Please visit our publications page to view some of the selected works of our members.

Who are we?

Foto Jonas Bilberg

MIND was founded by researchers and lecturers based in the School of Education, Culture, and Communication at Mälardalen University. Our foundıng members are Olcay Sert (English Studies), Annaliina Gynne (Swedish as a Second Language) and Maria Larsson (Mathematics education).


We organize data sessions, workshops, and other forms of dissemination events for researchers, postgraduate students, and practitioners. Inspired by the idea of co-production led by Mälardalen University, we bridge research and practice in education.

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