Research Group

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Olcay Sert
Research leader and co-founder
Olcay Sert is a senior lecturer (Associate Professor) in the School of Education, Culture and Communication (Mälardalen University, Sweden) and the editor of Classroom Discourse, an international, peer reviewed journal published by Routledge. He has a PhD degree in Educational and Applied Linguistics (Newcastle University, UK), and his research deals with classroom discourse, L2 interaction, and language teacher education. For more information, you can visit his personal website.

Annaliina Gynne
Founding member
Annaliina Gynne holds a PhD in Education and works currently at the School of Education, Culture and Communication at Mälardalen University, Sweden. Her research interests include multilingual and multicultural education, languaging, literacies, learning and identities. In particular, her research has focused on issues related to language and literacy practices as well as meaning making and identity work among multilingual young people in minority educational settings.

Maria Larsson
Founding member
Maria Larsson is a senior lecturer at Mälardalen University. Her research interest primarily concerns the teacher’s role in mathematics classroom interaction, in particular teaching mathematics through problem solving. In her dissertation, she focused on challenges and support for the teacher in orchestrating productive whole-class discussions based on students’ ideas to a mathematical problem. Currently, she focuses on how teachers handle student errors that arise and how the teachers’ actions in the classroom might be coupled to their beliefs.

Marwa Amri
Marwa Amri is a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Education, Culture, and Communication at Mälardalen University. Her research draws on Conversation Analysis and deals with teacher-student interaction and L2 learning.

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