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This page includes a list of accessible summaries of (open access) research articles within the scope of classroom discourse and interaction. These accessible summaries are written by the authors of the selected articles to reach out to teachers, students, educational policy makers and those who are outside of the field. MIND research group selects the summaries based on their relevance to classroom discourse, pedagogical interaction, and relevant research fields. If you are interested in publishing a summary, please get in touch with Olcay Sert.

Article summaryAuthorsKeywords
How do teachers handle errors in mathematics classrooms?Odd Tore Kaufmann,
Maria Larsson,
Andreas Ryve
classrooms, education,
errors, mathematics,
school, Sweden
Questions and agency in the older adult language classroomMara van der Ploeg,
Annerose Willemsen,
Louisa Richter,

Merel Keijzer,
Tom Koole
classroom interaction,
conversation analysis,
senior language learning,
third-age language learning
How did a focus on reading strategies shape the discussions about texts and images in a grade 4 science classroom?Robert WalldénDisciplinary literacy;
primary education;
reading strategies;
science texts;
social semiotics
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