DIGI-REFLECT / Towards digitalization in teaching and teacher education: Enhancing the roles and leadership of teachers in classrooms through digitally-enhanced reflection
Principal Investigator: Olcay Sert
Collaborators: Annaliina Gynne and Maria Larsson
Funded by MKL (Mälardalens Kompetenscentrum för Lärande) och Samhällskontraktet
Amount: 2000 000 SEK

Digi-REFLECT is a research and development project that aimed to enhance teachers’ roles and leadership in classrooms. In line with the learning objectives of VFU, researchers Olcay Sert (English), Annaliina Gynne (Swedish as a Second Language) and Maria Larsson (Mathematics) developed digital observation frameworks on a mobile video-tagging tool that were used by mentors in partner schools and student-teachers.

The researchers investigated the ways this evidence-based, digital classroom observation tool improve reflection and feedback practices. Within this digitalized teacher education framework, faculty members, mentors, and student-teachers were able to identify, review, and discuss aspects of teaching and learning, including classroom management and teacher student interaction.

Through a qualitative, data-driven analysis of lessons, post-observation feedback sessions, and interviews as well as focus groups, the research group explored the ways a digitally enhanced teacher education framework in practicum created affordances for teacher development.
The project team, who also run Mälardalen INteraction and Didactics (MIND) Research Group, cooperated with many schools and mentor teachers in the region. MIND Research group is looking forward to extending this partnership between Mälardalen University and schools in the region to facilitate a sustainable and data-driven teacher education and Continuous Professional Development.

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