Telepresence robot mediated classroom interaction

Telepresence robot mediated embodied interaction in hybrid language learning environments
Principal Investigator: Teppo Jakonen (University of Turku, Finland)
Collaborators: Olcay Sert (MIND Research Group, Mälardalen University), Heidi Jauni (Tampere University)
Funded by Academy of Finland

Telepresence robot in a classroom

This project studies how telepresence robots can be used to support participation in classroom education at a distance. Telepresence robots are remote-controlled moveable devices with videoconferencing capabilities. The project analyses video-recorded language lessons from higher education classrooms in which one or more distance students participate alongside face-to-face students by operating a telepresence robot remotely. The analysis employs multimodal conversation analytic methodology and focuses on how the ability for remote movement is used as a resource for interaction and participation. The results can help establish a clearer picture of the possibilities of telepresence technologies in supporting participation across distance and in increasing equality of access to education for vulnerable groups such as homebound or hospitalized students.
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