MIND Data sessions, Spring 2023

Join us for our data sessions in Spring 2023!

MIND research group hosts 5 data sessions with data from a range of contexts: oral proficiency exams in Czechia, post-observation meetings after mathematics and language classrooms, telepresence robots in language classrooms in Finland, corpus-based professional development meetings, and project-work in Swedish classrooms. Get in touch with us if you want to take part in our sessions!


16 February:

David Ryška (Hradec Králové University)

English as a Foreign Language oral proficiency exams in Czechia

U3-083 Västerås, 13:15-14:45


9 March:

Maria Larsson, Annaliina Gynne (Mälardalen University)

Video-based reflections on understanding-checks in mathematics and language classrooms

U3-104 Västerås, 14:15-15:45


30 March:

Teppo Jakonen (University of Turku)

Telepresence robots in language classrooms

U3-083 (Västerås), 13:15-14:45


13 April:

Olcay Sert, Thorsten Schröter, Elisabeth Wulff-Sahlén (Mälardalen University)

Data-driven reflections in online professional development meetings

U3-104 Västerås, 13:15-14:45

9 May:

Marwa Amri (Mälardalen University)

Doing project work in EFL classrooms

U3-104 Västerås, 13:15-14:45

Published by Olcay Sert

I work as professor of English language education at Mälardalen University, School of Education, Culture and Communication (Sweden).

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